Friday, February 1, 2013

Painting Sessions

So, in the hope of reviving our Drawing and Painting sessions, we started a series of painting Demos Since last week (23rd January, 2013). The sessions started with a Watercolor Painting Demonstration by Nijesh Sidharthan.

Nijesh spoke about how challenging the medium is and how important it is to plan your painting out as it is very difficult to paint over (as most probably it would end up looking muddy rather than fixing any issues), and how important it is to finish the painting fast. So, you could preferably start with a basic sketch with a 2B pencil so you have a framework to work on. He also explained the process where you first start with a basic wash with water all over the paper. He then went about how step by step you need to build the painting with the base coats first, and then a second coat where you work on the darker elements like shadows and so on. For Highlights, he suggested using the white of the paper itself and not painting over it as Whites or lighter shades would not have the desirable effect that we would need for the highlights.

This week (31st January 2013) , we had a session on Painting with Acrylic Paints and it was conducted by Ajay Sapkale. Here are a few pictures from the session:

The Final Painting for both ?? Will Update very soon :)

Ajay also spoke about how the medium of Acrylics was quite versatile as you could dilute and use them to get a Watercolor effect, or you could just use it fresh from the tube and it would give the same effect like using oil paints. The only difference being that it would dry twice as fast. Also there is an option to paint over, unlike Watercolors. In addition to this he also mentioned that both Brushes and Palette Knives could be used to paint. Synthetic brushes are highly preferred for this medium and need to be cleaned immediately with water as the paints tend to dry real fast and then would not wash off and ruin the brushes.

Well we will try to keep updating the blogs with upcoming sessions.. So stay Tuned and until then..


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