Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Artists and their works...

Some of the guys behind the artwork you saw in the previous post

Weekly Sketch Session.. Part 2


We had some amazing work last week in the session where everyone was given 6 character ideas that were as follows:

  • Insane King
  • Brittle Legs Spider
  • Timid Beast
  • Hell Serpent
  • Demon Starfish
  • Ghost Tree
Check out some of the cool stuff that people drew.. Hope this inspires more of you to come and join us :D

Harjit- Ghost Tree

Manoj- Insane King

- Ghost Tree

Dilesh- Ghost Tree

Kaushik- Ghost Tree

Nikhil- Insane King

Pranesh- Ghost Tree

Srikar- Insane King

Diana - Timid Beast

Sujesh- Insane King

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wednesday Drawing Sessions...


We just started with our Sketching Sessions on Wednesday and hopefully will continue to do so every Wednesday :D

What we basically started off in the first half was with theme based drawings where everyone thought of one word. Then we randomly asked three people to say the word they thought of. So, the words we got were 'KOHINOOR WONDERLAND CREATURE'. We then asked everyone to interpret these words the way they wanted and express it through drawings :)
Here are some of the works from last week's session :




Varun - This is part of the life study that we had in the second half :)