Sunday, July 18, 2010


Hi all! :)
Sorry for the looooooooooooooooooooong delay! :(

We are back with another poll.. very few entries this time :'( so many things kept things delayed But here they are:

Silsunny D'souza

Tom Angel and Tom Devil, the twins who stays in poor Tom's head. They do their best to keep him confused. He is so confused that picks up a pencil to eat his food and needs a fork to do his math & science. We all have these twins in our heads every time, its better to let Tom decide whether he should listen to Tom Angel or Tom Devil.

Karishma Mirashi

Yi Lyn Ong: Interwoven

'What is a twin but a mirror of one? Or is it something more that connects both together... '
(sketch and inked on paper, then put into photoshop for colours and textures)

Dilesh Lamsal: Black Mail

Born identical ...the difference in their appearance was later marked by their "KARMA" of them being Sadist in nature ...enjoys watching his brother in Panic mode ...and loves to hear him say "Dude!! u sure we ll be Ok"

Aravind Jayaraman

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