Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hi folks
Sorry for the looooong delay! :(

But we are back with another poll.. Lesser entries this time. Due to the long winter break. But here they are:

Aravind Jayaram



Diana E. Elmiyeh

According to Wikipedia: The term originates from its use in computer science, after a computer is rebooted, nothing (except non-volatile storage, such as on a disk drive) of the computer's previous operating session has any bearing on its new session…

One of the reasons which could “reboot” one’s life could be marriage…where changes 90% of the activities, priorities & on whole “The Lifestyle”…


 Siddharthan Raman

The last time i remember sketching something was an "amoeba" in my good old school days.
Its always good to reboot yourself to see the change in yourself,
Sometimes the smoke is more important which may be before or after the Fire.


Silsunny D'Souza

After 503 years approximately Monalisa has decided to Reboot herself to a modern looking Monalisa...
She has got her Reboot this new year.... Its time you get one too..... Happy New Year... Cheers!!


Varun Malhotra

Excessive usage can cause the brain to reboot. Use conservatively.