Monday, November 16, 2009


The topic 'Dreams' was chosen by our last winner, Radha.
It was a very open topic, and here are the entries. Vote for your favorite!

Aravind Jayaram

a far far away place..
nothing to study, no exams.. place full of toys, totoro and yes, kombu is there too
with his favorite :) it's the sweetest dream :)


Bhavika Bajpai

She lives in dreams and helps us metamorphosise a bad dream into a good one.


Diana Elmiyeh

Dreams are :
Limitless -- Ocean deep to sky high
Boundriless -- Hence, sky & sea both are merged, there is no definite
border in between.
Any form, some may have a definite form...Some may just be shapeless...
Any color, some warm, some cold -- Different shades used.
Some are simple, some are complex -- Different shapes used.
They may be calm & gentle or harsh & stormy. (Soft waves or the whirlpool)
Some reachable, some not -- the Hand holding one of the shapes

Eyes, symbol of visualising the dreams.


Dilesh Lamsal

During one of my usual VC with God........One day he suggested me
"Son! There is a Black Stone on the top of that mountain and I want u to
dig that out.......
and build a temple there.".......then he blinked his eye and said "Its
Profitable too!!!"
    So this is what I did to materialize his dreams........plz enjoy and
do visit.....;)


Mimi Thian

It is about my dream of riding a vespa one day!


Sathya Kaliamoorthy

This girl dreams to be like the independent cloud and to near the adorable moon !


Silsunny D'souza

This man is stuck inside his dream for years now, waiting for someone to rescue him.... and finally the day has come when help has come down
to rescue him back out of his dreadful dream....


Sourabh Uppal

My castles in the sky..


Varun Malhotra

Your dreams show your twisted nature..


Vishwanath Shirodkar

Soon after our birth we start dreaming and dreaming. It grows as we grow and it ends when we end.
          "Dream is not something that'll come across when you sleep, it is something that doesnt let you sleep".
          "Be Honest, Patient and move on a right path to fulfil your Dreams" .



Everybody has their own imaginary place to go to ..a place with no
worries all day happily ..a place to keep you warm and cozy ..i
just had this place in my mind when i think of it place where i
can live peacefully .. perhaps i can find it in my dream ..

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