Sunday, October 11, 2009

Animate the Dead!

The topic 'Animate the Dead' was chosen by our last contest's winner, Sibi Chakravarthi.

The brief: Here's your chance to to play mad scientist and show us what you'd like to bring to life! Think Pinocchio, zombies, Frankenstein's monster etc. Just take any dead/inanimate thing and show us what it would be like if it was alive.

And, the entries. Vote for your favorite!

Ajay Sapkale

She lives with her grandparents near this jungle. She is different from other kids of her age.
She finds herself more comfortable and homely in the lap of nature.
Now these trees, plants, vines, birds and animals are her true friends.

Albert Ang

It got him,
Now he is it,
Anim ate the dead

Anis Karpayah

The concept is basically to make a horror movie poster based from the theme "Animate the Dead".
A mummy bursts through the tv in search of its victim.

Ashley Chaw

An idle object is also a 'dead' object. So I try to portray a little girl,dressed in a fancy costume, wanting to be a magician.
She uses her flute to play 'animate' the objects around her. I make it as cheerful as the girl feels :D

Avinash Bhandary
" Malad Mangatha" Portrays a local witch doctor who tries experimenting with her newly attained witchery endowment to give life to her wizardry tools.
But things take a different turn, Given a chance the Sorcery tools forsake their master and flee away from her.....

Babul Jain
The Title is "Calamitous" Which means Unfortunate,regrettable and heart breaking.

Elaine Teo

It would be wonderful to bring or animate things that have no life with a stroke of a brush!
I like clouds so drew the girl painted a cloud out... XD

Paw Xuan Tan
Tracy the shopaholic is what they called her
Found dead one day in a mall's car park

Someone killed Tracy
A crazy girl who was eying on her LV bag
stabbed Tracy on her back with no mercy

One day, Tracy was 'alive' after dead
As her dream bag was on the rack

So there she goes
inviting Cathy her bff to join the hunt

Radha Kulkarni
Nightmare comes true... One night when Mrs. Smith goes to the kitchen to make herself some salad... She gets shocked to see all the veggies come alive to toss her into the salad.

Richa Singh
There is a person who is injured/physically dead, and there is crowd of people and who conveniently turns their faces in other direction and keeps on moving...
Its a crowd of "Morally Dead" people.....pretending to be in hurry of going somewhere and reaching nowhere...they are scared within, and scary too - Alive Dead People !

Sibi Chakravarthi
The rise of the dead king

Sireesha Gadiraju
Three scarecrows who share a common passion, "Music", come together and form a band called 'Terrys'. When ever they are off their daily job of scaring the crows and other birds ,they come together and rock on!!!!

Vishwanath Shirodkar
Ask yourself once, Did I, Did You, Did We lose Humanity in Us..??
The Humanity in humans is dead, running behind Money, Materialistic things and PROFESSIONAL FAME,
running behind attaining popularity in his work and so....
I want to ANIMATE this dead HUMANITY, I want to give LIFE to our Humanity which can bring Peace,
Love, Happiness and Trueness everywhere in everyone.


Let the dead deliver a new life through a bite...

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