Thursday, September 10, 2009

Where's my mummy?!

The topic this time was chosen by our last winner, Jenny Dias.Vote for your favorite entry!

Satya Kaliamoorthy
This is one of the 'STREET' kid that we all come across...

Anis Karpayah
Two very competitive and jealous cavemen who run a stoneage hotel abducted each others mummy to ward off competition. Now they're facing off each asking a million dollar question "Where's my mummy?"

Avinash Bhandary
Chiquitita depicts the remorseness of a tot, in backwoods of jeopardy, where she's baffled with a creepy serpent. She finds no one like her and goes on crying "where is my Mummmieee?"

Aravind Jayaraman
Poor baby kipu the ostrich didn't know what to do when danger arrives..
Oh..Oh! Now he lost his mommy too :(

Kabir Verma
The Little Red TriCycle is lost and has come here asking everyone 'where's my mummy?'

Srikanth Shanmugam
I heard this baby crying these words. "Mommy, I promise I wont cry and and ask for food. I know you are somewhere there and I need you.I have just learned to crawl and I dont know how much it would help me to reach you, but I wont give up mommy. God, tell me Where's My Mummy? "

Albert Ang
When Richard (Brendan Fraser) goes to the museum where Larry (Ben Stiller) was working...

Shveta Anand
When the sadness abates, you will find yourself stopping in mid-stride
somewhere, anywhere, and you realize that mom is within you,,guiding you
,telling you whats best for you...all you need to do is stop in
mid-stride somewhere, any where, and smile....Oh God!! How lovely it is
to hold your Mom's hand while you move On and On ....and On......

Vishwanath Shirodkar
She's our Cinderella. She's lonely and waiting to see her Mother. Her Mother is in that tree giving her shelter forever, but she's not able to find her Mother.....

Sibi Chakravarthi
After losing the father, the mother left with her only son walks away into the woods in search of food leaving the son behind at home . Tired of life and hunger she falls asleep under a tree while the son is still back at home unaware. The tree being no ordinary one engulfs the mother slowly within itself. Finding out that his mom has not been around for some time the son gets worried and runs into the woods in search of her.Tired and heart broken the son comes and falls under the very same tree. Unable to recognize his mom, who stands engulfed by the tree right next to him , he falls asleep in despair and also a victim to the merciless tree,but still he doesn't feel the pain has his thoughts are in search of his mom, who herself been turned into branches and leaves. His cries still echo in this deep forest calling out for his mother.

Gunjan Kathale

Was in Pune when I saw him. I was walking to college. Out of nowhere this kid grabbed my leg and started staring into my eyes and said, "Aai Kuthe Geli??" (Meaning ..." Where's my mummy?")

Dileep Varma
Mrs Smith's new bundle of joy
Has just begun to step and stride
From shattering a teapoy
to stomping on couches wide

This little monster boy
Has left no place untried

Standing on the door he destroyed

With a smashed Mrs Smith on the underside.

Varun Malhotra
"and I won't fight, I promise"

Reeja Karrai
Guess Little Susie is going to want to know where's Mummy when she gets back to her senses...

Sourabh Uppal
Mom, I miss you.

I know you're there , you never left me,
I know your blessings are here , you are within me.

This bright , silent night with showers of full moon light,
bring me close to you , like you are holding me tight.

But I still wish you were with me mom.
I so wish you were with me mom