Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Underwater Being

This time's topic was suggested by Dileep Varma, our last contest's winner.

Vote for your favorite underwater being :)

Sagar Zade

BlueMonsta:He is the king of the underwater kingdom

Kabir Verma

Octy:My concept depicts the character of octopus from museum II. This is where he's showing off his Oscar which he got for the best performance by any underwater creature or organism in the last decade. Last heard Marlin (Nemo's dad) was not happy with this announcement as he thought he deserved it more.

Aravind Jayaraman

Bufo Kelpi Marinus:It's a toad like creature that adapted to marine life and lives in the estuary for a while and then moves to the sea when they grow larger.They hunt mostly when the water temperature is warm and feed on live animals

Sudip Mallick

Kismat:ISRO had found this creature from a lake in their last visit to Mars, they are still doing some test on it. As per their report this creature ate one of a fellow scientists arm when he was trying to get friendly with him.

Vishwanath Shirodkar

She's Princess Anchorii. Princess Anchorii is Rapunzel's elder sister.Long ago, she was sailing on Titanic with her love, unfortunately that unsinkable ship mortally wounded and gone. She lost her love and is still waiting for him to come back.

Sibi Chakravarthi

Silent Hunter

Sireesha Gadiraju

Its called Kaimana ( which means power of ocean) . Its a fantasy character which uses its magic and supernatural powers to protect the creatures of the ocean.

Karishma Mirashi

My character's name is OCTOPIA, which is a underwter creature. It was cursed and so now it cannot move and got stuck to a plant. It has to wait for its prey to approach him so tht it can attack it with its tentacles.

Gunjan Kathale

"Riggy"..... his mum's an octopus n his dad's an Elephant... which makes him.... errrr.... an Octophant!!!

I met this guy at the Mediterranean sea last summer.A very wiggly character. He says he likes his hat a lot, he got it from some tourists who had come to see him.He now wishes to buy an underwater camera and would love to do some photography.. ha ha ha!!

Srikanth Bhogi

Add VideoI call this character Hippodore.!! He is a hippo who is also a pro Scuba Diver..!!! who prefers to go into the sea other than lakes and rivers..!!Often gets chased by sharks while trying to get their picures and is stil in the process of overcoming fear...........and also has a crush on a mermaid.!!

Reeja Karai

Meet Dorkula...Well as the name suggests, quite a dumb looking fish. But don't go by it's retarded Looks! 'Coz beneath that dorky exterior is a real killer! You see other fish think they can pass by this harmless looking creature, but beware Dorkula awaits to suck the life out of them! Muhahaha!

Bhavika Bajpai

Selkie:From scottish mythology.Selkies are able to transform to human form by shedding their seal skins, and can return to seal form by putting it back on.

Sourabh Uppal

Erskine vs Sormen:This painting depicts the death of a sea serpent by the warrior princess of the sea . This pose is just before the final blow that serpent gets as he falls after being brutally slashed and arrowed by the mystical bow that princess had.This is her revenge for her father who died fighting this monstrous serpent.

Varun Malhotra

Goil, one of the only few remaining argentus sapienna manatus, commonly known as the the sea angel.The sea angel gets its name from its peculiar nature of rescuing drowning victims.

Jenny Dias

Spencer took evolution in his own fins and became the first fish to walk on land. One small step for Spencer, a giant leap for fishkind!

Radha Desai

This time... I have made a real life creature. The Lion fish... It is any of several species of venomous marine fish. The Lion fish is also known as the Turkey Fish, Dragon Fish, Scorpion or Fire Fish. They are notable for their extremely long and separated spines, and have a generally striped appearance, red, green, navy green, brown, orange, yellow, black, maroon, or white.

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