Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My Strange Pet

Here are the entries, vote for your favorite!

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Bubba by Gunjan Kathale

This is Bubba. He's a "Froggo-pillar".
Found him in the Amazon a few days ago.
He looks small, but BEWARE! His BIG mouth can pretty much gobble up anything HE feels like...

Cutter Parrot by Vishwanath Shirodkar

Very heavy parrot,and it is costly too.
No need to keep it inside the cage, it never flies.
Keep this away from kids

Fidel Gastro by Dileep Varma

The bigger secret behind my big appetite.

Hygiene Peacock by Vishwanath Shirodkar

Very sweet,tiny and even sings like a real peacock when you squeeze it.
Usually you'll find it near the basin
It's not beautiful but makes you look beautiful and keeps you healthy.

JimmyJimmy by Varun Malhotra

So I got bored of having the usual pets. And I got myself another "me". Now we're each other's pets. We entertain each other. Everyones happy.
We do go into infinite pet training loops sometimes though.

Kombu by Aravind Jayaraman

I think he's a miniature cow, born slightly different from his family and was left out.
I saw him one night hiding inside a tree and brought him home.
He likes to eat and drink a lot!
Spends almost all of his time drinking beer (He likes Budweiser the most ), anytime.. anywhere

It's bad and a lot of money but he is happy.

Limi by Bhavika Bajpai

D12ER with his pet cushion Limi.
Strangely enough,the people on Mutakro preferred pink tassle cushions as pets.

Ooda by Arati Ullal

That's "Ooda" - A flying/gliding Dog

He loves people and ever ready for some petting.
When he's called he jump dives on me from the cupboards and window sills from anywhere on top!
He is one happy dog!

Opticool by Sagar Funde

This is my computer mouse who roams inside the house when I am not working on my computer.

Osty by Sagar Zade

It is my new invented pet . I have added many gadgets in his body. I can control his each part by remote and offline/online inbuilt programs . He has made my life very fast and safe . My lovely pet Osty.

Princess Kawaii by Jenny Dias

Mary had a little pig, Mary had a little fish,Mary had a little bird.
Mary has a show and tell the next day. Here she is fashioning her project from the remains of her late pets.

Squaby by Radha Kulkarni

Squabit is the combination of squirrel & rabbit. Further to make her look strange I added wings to her. Nevertheless she still looks cute to me. She's fond of carrot & acorns, hence I painted them in the foreground.

Surabhi by Sathya Kaliamoorthy

T2Saur by Sudip Mallick

Timothy by Sandesh Chonkar

Little Inge is out for a stroll with her German shepherd.

Umbrella Elephant by Vishwanath Shirodkar

You'll see this elephant very rarely, mostly during the Monsoon.
It is black in color most of the time but there are some hybrids with different colors.
You can even tell it to get smaller, can keep it in your bag.
Sometimes you'll find this elephant at the corner of the room,all alone.

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