Thursday, May 1, 2008

Hulk make Profit :)!!!!!!!!!

Well my little way of hoping that Hulk does really really well!!
I ve tried to show Hulk ( atleast my sketch of him hehe ) pulling a cart loaded with cash..Sort of symbolizing him taking all the profits after the Movie :)...


Shreya said...

Heheh, that must be one HEAVY load! I love the expression, it's perfect!
Just a small crit, the image is very tightly cropped,his toes are cut off and there's barely any space on the top. On the right too, it would probably add more dimension to the cart if there was more space there .
Any colouring plans? :)

RaDrix said...

heheheh!! Thanks Shreya!!! Nah no plans of colouring Im not such a fan of that :)..Prefer messy sketchy lines..still trying to get good at it..Hey let s think of a new topic what say????